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Assorted posters, artwork and photography

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Assorted posters, artwork and photography

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Assorted lore-friendly posters, artwork and photography




I wanted more wall decorations, but didn't really want real-world and preferred something in-game - so I figured I would make some! Everything is just simple retextures of existing in-game artwork. I am trying to build a collection of decorations that would feel right for a bunch of different real world situations, from advertisements for local businesses to typical teenage posters. Everything here holds the suffix '[BOOTHAM]' so a text search will find any of my items.





There is a little bit of glamour, a little bit of smut and hopefully something for everywhere - from lining the walls of a teenagers bedroom, to something you used to find lining the glass of a phone box. A list of the current items:

  • [MERGED]bootham-assorted.package - an all-in-one of the following...

  • billboard-tall.package - advertise your local strip club in style! Floor mounted on stilts

  • billboard-wall.package - as above, but wall mounted

  • bootham-magazine.package - a readable magazine

  • callgirl-cards.package - an assortment of overlayed photos, meant to look like old callgirl cards you used to find in phonebooths. Great for lining the walls of bathrooms in seedy bars
  • centerfold-cover.package - a keepsake for a model or the biggest fan of a high quality smut magazine
  • cosplay.package - A collection of cosplay girls from various media
  • cyberpunk-advertisements.package - Cyberpunk 2077 adverts coverted to sim-universe!
  • gym-art.package - (SFW) a collection of gym themed art, eventually this will be expanded with some NSFW items too
  • hanging-sign.package - uses the billboard logo to give a suspended/hanging sign that matches
  • landscape-poster.package - another collection of posters, now in landscape format! The base game didn't have a poster in landscape so I had to rotate this manually, let me know if this has any issues
  • leila-london-shoot.package - a themed shoot for a model, something a little more 'tasteful'
  • movie-posters.package - signed movie posters from all of your favourite porn flicks
  • nsfw-calendar.package - keep on top of the days with this calendar, artwork offering various degrees of smuttiness
  • painting.package - oil based paintings from various poses and positions

  • poster-staci.package - another themed shoot for a model, probably a little less 'tasteful'

  • spa-artwork.package - artwork to show the special services your spa has on offer

  • tag-graffiti.package - (SFW) a simple graffiti tag that allows for transparency better than the standard in-game ones

  • tall-hanging-sign.package - A mixed collection of illuminated vertical hanging signs for store fronts

  • whats-on.package - based on the what's on object that already exists in game, a randomly cycling object used to showcase local movies and businesses that are a little more mature

  • whats-on-posters.package - artwork from the above object, in poster form




Disclaimer: I have never retextured anything in The Sims before so forgive any mistakes. A couple of the items here I intend to expand with more options in the future. I have also been learning how to pose in Blender so now I have a reasonable degree more flexibility in my creations.


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