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[Request] Looking for help with getting a mod into the game

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Hello! I recently found this “mod” 


I’ve been trying with zero experience to get it into the game myself but I’m honestly having trouble.


There is no esp file and the mod author said they would have to be put into the game with the construction set.


If anyone could make it to where I just install it or something I’d be extremely grateful



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You need a esp, you create it with the CS.

You create 3 weapons  and 21 wigs ( like  helmets they use the hair slot. )


Here a esp

I the meshes folder are some cleaned meshes and a ground mesh for the wigs and one-hand weapon meshes.
My esp "WeaponAndWigs.esp"  adds a chest in the Imperial Lighthouse.

I created 6 weapons 3 one hand and 3 two hand.



Unpack the 2015 XM@s #2 Fixed.zip
Open the folder and copy the meshes and textures folder.
Paste in your game  "Data" folder

My "2015 XM mesh Fix"
Copy my esp "WeaponAndWigs.esp"  AND the meshes folder and paste in your game "Data" folder.  Let overwrite !

Start the Modmanager and activate the WeaponAndWigs.esp

Location: see the Location.jpg



The same install instruction is in the file, in the readme. And there is the location picture.


2015 XM mesh Fix.7z


! the wigs use hair slot like helmets !  Helmets/ hair slot removes the ears ! I have not tested all the wigs but most wigs seems to cover the missing ears.

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