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Requesting Help on F/F interactions please...

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First off.... THANK YOU Turbodriver for this amazing Mod for Sims 4. Secondly, thank you to all the scripters, modders, and animators for your incredible work and contributions. I wish I could donate to the Paetrons but currently in between jobs.


Ok, onto my request. I'm having a great time with Sims 4 with these mods and animations. My guy and 3 girls live VERY happily in the house. I just have a few questions on certain conditions and possible settings.


1) My girls are not into one another. They are all into my guy, and even the occasional 3some. Is there a setting in WW that blocks this? (I may have goofed it when going through them all) Are the certain conditions or Friendly/Romantic levels that they have to be at for some sexual action? (Ya know.... girl on girl... on girl... etc)


2) When there is sex happening, player sims and NPC sims will walk back out of the area (especially the NPCs). I'd like for them to stick around or even join. (happiness for everyone!)


Any hints, tips, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


( I did the settings at a time when was quite fatigued.... but ya know..... sim sex..... worth the sleep deprivation..... maybe)





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2 hours ago, CanadianGhost said:

I find if you have the Came out as Bi trait flagged, that helps a little.   Cant recall where i got that trait, probably from here somewhere.  There's Bi, Gay and Trans.  I just use the Bi to get my girls to play with each other.  Hope that helps.

Yeah ok, I'm not seeing that trait in the available list to purchase with Achievement points. And I don't see it in the available traits to select when creating a Sim.


I saw that you said you don't recall where you found it. Does anyone else have an Idea? Only Mod I have is the Wicked Whims, and a variety of animation packs. Maybe a Mod somewhere here?


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17 hours ago, honeybutteraddict said:

It's never been a problem for me, but you should be able to change gender attraction by changing attractiveness settings. I don't have any kind of sexual orientation mod, just Wicked Whims.

Thank you. I'll check it out.

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