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  1. thanks, its what im doing now but when you got like 8k files.... yeah i need to do some house cleaning lol
  2. I would suggest checking out Kritical's Bondage stuff on LL - not sure if that's what you're referring to or not.
  3. Cant recall if I have that one or another but there are two mods that I know of that you can select during character creation that allows you to shorten the teens (the slot that the mod uses is the forehead). ModtheSims I believe is where I found them as well. As for this particular mod, give it a try, worst case, it doesnt work and you just remove it.
  4. Are there any mods out there that help you sort or look for a specific clothing by creator or what not as opposed to what the default search is in Sims 4 character creation? It's extremely time consuming looking for clothing and accessories when you're looking for specific designs. If there isnt any, what are other players using to help make character creation quicker? Thx.
  5. Hello, Bioaddict created 5 statues, 3 of them we can find on here and the other 2 he said that he was going to add to LL in time - well it's been a few years lol, does anyone actually have those two statues that they'd be willing to share? Not many nsfw sculptures out there so any extra options are always welcomed. Thx.
  6. Ill wait for the movie edition But to add one thing to the comments above - when creating the Master File or whatever it is you would like to call it, be sure to not only save each household (go to creator, click on that folder up top!) but to do the same thing for the Lots. A lot of folks just click save or save as, and dont bother to actually save the families and lots that they editted and are left wondering what happened when they try to load up their backups only to find things missing.
  7. Are there any mods that make the Sims be commanded like the pets and use the pet toys that are in the game?
  8. thanks - likely was just removed from behind paywall as I had forgotten about this request (computer died in between then and now) and yeah, I check the creator comments before asking and if I can narrow down who made the item, ill search that way first. Thanks again.
  9. Hey - Couple of things Im looking for and hopefully someone might be able to assist. 1.) NSFW Banners - something that can be used to hang over an arch way. (no gay or pride stuff) 2.) NSFW Flag Pole - flagpole with a NSFW flag (again, no gay or pride stuff) 3.) SFW Flat Bed made out of leaves or twigs or something to that effect. Thx.
  10. thanks, too many creators sometimes - was thinking this was a Nitro Panic cc but obv was wrong. thanks for the assist.
  11. when they dont respond to other users previous inquiries I dont bother wasting my time going that route.
  12. got that one as well as a couple of others that are similar and are easy to find. thx tho
  13. *facepalm* where do you think I got the image from? Creator makes hair.
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