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[REQ] Taking your spouse/companion/rescued on your horse for the ride


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Pretty much as in the title  :) Could someone make a mod which allows Dovahkiin to take someone into his/her own saddle for the ride, please.


The "guest rider" can sit normally behind your back or amazon style (sideways) in front of you  :wub:


Would be much, much appreciated  :sleepy:

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For a start we'll need a custom horse skeleton, an idle anim for the partner sitting in front of the character and some scripting (to put the NPC to the saddle and to determine which variant is used (if both are implemented) to move the player to proper saddle "slot" as the new skeleton would have 2). Personally I'll try to find time to look what can be done about horse skeleton.


Side note: My dream is to modify Blaze that way  :sleepy:

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Well, sure, but don't spouse options usually have some kinda combat prowess? What if you're set upon by a pack of bandits, or a dragon, or, worse, a bear?




It also opens up the option of bringing in live bounties(Or slaves). Truss 'em up and haul them over the horse like 'ol John Marston.

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