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Ghoul Skin texture problems for Breeze Male Redux

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I've started a new game for TTW and am using both Type 4 and Kendo's Breeze Male Redux for bodies, and I've noticed a blueish green stripe on Gob when entering Moriarty's saloon.  The Breeze files SHOULD have encompassed ghoul meshes and textures too, so I thought it might be an armor mesh issue?


So I tried downloading the Armor Fixes from Breezes New Vegas Males from the Nexus.  Still there.


I'm still learning when it comes to modding, so I don't really know why this is happening.  Any ideas?



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9 hours ago, axeandgun said:

Well the actual nude texture works just fine, perfect even.  But there's still that messed up texture when they're wearing the Merc Grunt outfit.  


I'm troubleshooting with Kendo on his mod page, but so far no luck.

That would be the merc grunt outfit's UV map for the skin portion of the armor mesh specifically then or an extreme stretch wrong shader flags on the armor mesh itself but unlikely.

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I followed some of Kendos advice and tried installing this manually, by itself, with the ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa he told me to use, and it seems to work fine.  But with MO2 and the same BSA, Gob looks like this.  


I am unsure how to fix this.



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You would need to check MO2 ini's to make sure they are referencing the right name for the archiveinvalidated.bsa

If it isn't it won't function correctly and I'd assume it's different from the ini's that get read when launching the game manually not from MO2 Steam, GOG, or whatever if works fine outside MO2.

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Well, I fixed the issue.  Turns out I was somehow using the UV mesh from a previous version of Breeze, whereas Kendo's version just uses vanilla clothes.  I have no idea why mine was like that, but he sent me an outfitm for Wastelandclothing05, and that fixed it.



EDIT:  So, apparently the issue was all male armor meshes were based on Roberts body, and I didn't know which mod was causing it.  In the end I just patched all the male outfit nifs to fix the issue.   



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