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Mod Idea - Goa'uld, From Stargate

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Hi, Long time lurker of this forum here.


I was rewatching Stargate SG-1 recently, and got the idea for a Goa'uld mod, where you cold play as one of them, coming to earth and taking control of a kingdom, or creating your own.


Your main character would be the goa'uld inside the host,  represented by a trait, that would give you a number of bonus (longer life, defense against most diseases, control over Goa'uld tech, and others). If your host ages too much, or you decide it's time, you can choose a new host ( either by selecting it through a interaction, or an event where you can pick one with randomized traits), in mechanics, wold work by adopting him into your family, and making him your heir, so then your character dies, and the trait passes to the next one.


Taking a host turns his culture into Goa'uld. main reason for this would be to give the host specific clothes (like golden armor, or clothes like the ones Ra uses) this cultural difference would also help keeping you in your toes, since people will tend to revolt against you until you have consolidated your kingdom. even after it, doing things like taking a host that is part of someone's family might make them declare war on you, and other kingdoms could get a causus belli to expell you from earth. This could even be a reason to play human against a Goa'uld, you send someone to investigate the stories about the "gods" and finds out how humans revolted against them in the past, causing a crusade-like war to banish them again.


A nice idea would also be for the norse people to be able to bring the asgard to help (maybe as a off-map empire) and for human characters to find Ancient tech and have the ancient gene


Artifacts like weapons (Ribbon Device, the stun pistol, even things like a Sarcophagus and Stais Jars) could either be found by searching (in the idea that you investigate places that use to belong to other Goa'uld in the past), or by making them, which would be a veeery long event chain, so it's not easy to have them.

Things like Spaceships, in specfic the Ha'taks could be a building that gives you techpoints, troops and raise the defense level of the place they are built. they could also be a culture-specific building, giving Jaffa as their cultural troops.


since Ra is alive at this point, he and the other system lords could be represented by an off-map empire, where you can send slaves, hosts, and artifacts to him, in trade for things like better artifacts, Jaffa, and even a Goa'uld Queen (the equivalent of a Imperial Marriage). in this case, he would also act as head of your religion (don't know if that is possible), and displeasing him could end up with him sending troops to finish you.  A Intresting idea would be for a very powerful ruler to break from Ra, creating his own religion with him at the top, and then attaking him to prove your power, it would be the equivalent of Invading china. in the end, if you win, you can choose to either kill him/put him in a stasis jar, risking that his heir will eventually attack you, or choose a Goa'uld to be in his place (maybe one of yours, maybe one from the shows)

The Stargate; it would be a bit of a thing, where you hava to control giza to unearth it. then  it would be a artifact in your capital, and you get a decision to put it to work. you can make it a building, that give you some troops and even the ability to send raiding parties to other words,  and allows you to trade with Ra's Empire, or, with enough money, build a large complex around it, as a wonder, chosing whether it will be a military one (to invade other worlds bringing you slaves and other goodies), A Trading one (where a large market is made, improving economic tech and bringing in people and things) or a Religious one, where the faithful come to you with offerings, and go in holy missions in your name)


yes, i know this would be a massive mod, and need a lot of work.  I'm pants at writing code for ck2, but i'm good at witing, and currently trying to learn to make mods. i'm posting here mostly to see if more people beyond me are intrested (where are my stargate fans at?),  and maybe see if someone wants to jump in too.

but that's it, would be happy to get feedback from you guys about it ?



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Yea this is a cool idea. Im working on a similar "Alien Gogs" coming to earth and impersonating humans/taking over. Ita sll pretty generic right now. Its really just a giant ongoing project for me to learn how to make and structure mods(getting skilled up to be ready for modding ck3).


To get frivolous yet authentic I would include portrait modding with the glowing eye thing the goauld do assoicated with a custom culture for goauld. Create a child culture of Jaffa and give it attributes to represent subservience/loyalty. Also a jaffa trait. Both given to vassals (via event, decision or console command) that could be heritable.  Maybe throw in a lesser goauld trait or some kind/number of variations to represent greater and lesser goauld servants that would support you in your endeavors. stuff like max boosting an attribute to ridiculous levels(good for councillors and wives). Custom retinue units(insert jaffa unit titles i dont remember any more). Do something wild and crazy like add a star ship as a weapon like dragons in the AGOT mod only available to dragon rider ahem i mean (insert goauld version of trait name here).


I like the artifacts idea( ineed to experiment with creating custom artifacts now that you said that). The stargate could be a custom great work. 


I might be interested in contributing to a mod like this if you are still looking.

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