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  1. What I am trying to do is create an event, fired by a decision that sends all women with two traits from my court to the court of the ruler i fired the event on. I cant figure out the scoping for the life of me. See event below. Any ideas how to make this work. You can see i have tried different combinations of scopes. character_event = { id = 600022 desc = "EVTDESC50009" picture = "GFX_evt_into_the_dungeon" border = GFX_event_normal_frame_intrigue is_triggered_only = yes potential = { is_ruler = yes } option = { name = "EVTOPTA50009" any_c
  2. That is helpful. Do you know what the code is for the "invite to court" green thumb? Or how I can replicate that? Ive read in other places that you cant really mod diplomatic interactions. Is that correct? I dont mind doing it outside of the core diplomatic interactions if I have to but id rather not make excessively easy/unrealistic. I just want to automate stuff thats repetitive. Id also like to create an event that chooses random unmarried courtiers and finds them spouses of my culture/religion in my realm.
  3. This is helpful for me to understand event targets. Below is an example of the event chain . 999999 is the initial event. All other event except the last one are a copy of 999998. The goal with this event chain is for me to to select 30 characters near game start and give them a unique hereditary identifier and some good traits. my intention is to fire from targeted decision and then scrool through option as i give these out (to only one character for each identifier). Hope this makes sense. I think i have engineered it based on your instruction but this is still sending the 2nd event to the c
  4. This is basically zoroastrianism. If you look at the zoroastrian religion in the code you might get some ideas.. additionally you would need some events
  5. Anyone know how to mod diplomatic events. Id like to be able to use a decision to invite all characters who meet X criteria and are willing to accept a court invit5e(little green thumbs up) to my court without doing it individually from the character finder search. Is this possible?
  6. If i have a lest of 10 events that are all have idential options with one variation how do i fire the first event on an individual and retain them as the target as i click through the different event. Basically this is an event chain I want to use the start by targeted decision on individuals and give them one of 30 trait/modifier sets. I can run the chain on mysel like this but on other characters i can fire the first event but then the computer makes a cho0ice from the 2nd event about one of the options. any help would be appreciated.
  7. Anyone have any idea why a custom event wouldnt be working? I have an event file with three events in it. The first one works...the other two dont. I can copy and paste the first one into another file in the events folder of the mod and change the id and then even it wont work. No idea why this happened. I basically cant add new events to this mod but all the previous (except for two) return as event id not found. Ive checked basic stuff like brackets and code structure and that doesnt appear to be the issue.
  8. Anyone know how to troubleshoot a broken mod. A recent update broke it. I can still select it and the game will still load but its like none of the content is being read. Mod adds traits, event, localisations etc and NONE of it is registering.
  9. Does this work with regular ck2?
  10. I noticed an issue where men in prison that are not members of your court can get the operation, the trait disappears(doesnt get replaced with opposite), they get the negative opinion modifier and then a couple days/weeks later the original trait respawns. Any idea why this happens?
  11. Ok cool. Thank you. I am determined to make a mod that more effectively replicates genetic heritibility of congential traits and i think this type of scripting would be better than anything else I have found to achieve that This mod below does it well too and i think it does something similar to what yours does by looking at the last 5 generations to factor in whether or not congenital traits from vanilla game should inherit. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1847196864&searchtext=golden Also would adding the hidden or is visible modifier
  12. Yea this is a cool idea. Im working on a similar "Alien Gogs" coming to earth and impersonating humans/taking over. Ita sll pretty generic right now. Its really just a giant ongoing project for me to learn how to make and structure mods(getting skilled up to be ready for modding ck3). To get frivolous yet authentic I would include portrait modding with the glowing eye thing the goauld do assoicated with a custom culture for goauld. Create a child culture of Jaffa and give it attributes to represent subservience/loyalty. Also a jaffa trait. Both given to vassals (via event, decision
  13. I should clarify I am using this with regular ck(all the major dlc) no special races. So there is a method to it its not just random. Thats the main concern i have. When you say in the dna do you mean the dna string when you view the charinfo? I though that dna just had to do with appearance of the character. It doesnt actually impact heritability of traits directly unless this mod changes that. Another question.....if i wanted to add an opposite trait thats only added on decision/event like a balls 0 trait added to the eunuch decision would that break the mod or impact future her
  14. How is the heritability of these traits determined? It looks like dick passes from father to son but everything else is random. I looked at the traits in the mod but I couldnt make a complete determination.
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