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Misc. problems with creatures

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I have a pretty basic sexlab setup: Sexlab, Matchmaker, Hentai Creatures, More Nasty Critters, Jcontainers, UI Extensions, and animation packs...all were updated as of a couple weeks ago when I did a re-install.


For the most part everything works, but I have a couple random issues...


1: Dragon Priest: when I use matchmaker to cast the irresistable attractive spell on it, the spell fizzles.  And yes, I have dragon priest animation's registered and ready to go.


2: Board + reikling Rider: only 3 animations show up when I start sex with them.  All of Billy's animations are not there despite being registered.


3: MNC has some non standard monsters such as the vampire falmer or the hallowed draugr.  While standard monsters have penises, these new monsters do not.


Any ideas?




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11 hours ago, erc1971 said:

I got an older version of MNC - which was the cause of most of my problems.

please tell me that you followed the "READ IMMEDIATELY v9 to v12 upgrade procedure.txt" after you made that mistake, you will encounter more problems if not.

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