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Sex while dining out

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I made a restaurant and used some of the newer "Dining out" furniture.

The dining booth-set comes with its own table.

But Sims use the table like a chair, and for some reason sex isn't reserved to one couple.

In the picture I have uploaded, two couples are having sex and another sim is waiting for their food.


If I knew which sex-acts they were performing I could blacklist the acts, but anyway this is more of a 

"has this ever happened to you?" post,

and there are no errors to report, only the lack of respect for the table (or a bar)

NSFW alert, adult content follows, abandon all (etc)


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It seems to have something to do with restaurant items, or one of my mods isn't right, but couches and chairs seem to work fine.

It's those diner-booths that seem wrong somehow.

They function perfectly in a restaurant, they just seem very misaligned for sex.


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