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servo use WW

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What is the way to make the server use WW now? Or do you want the server to have a human look, but keep the original action charged and upgraded? I need this mod. I hope someone can do it. like Become human。 sorry, my english is not well,My browser translation plug-in interfered with my posting?

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3 hours ago, chaolf said:

现在有什么方法可以让伺服器使用WW?还是让伺服器具有人的外观,但保持原始动作的充电和升级?我需要这个mod。我希望有人能够做到。例如  成为人类。

thanks to google translate, I can answer you ;)


as far as I know, there is no mod like this at the moment, but just give it some time, I'll guess somebody will come up with a solution.

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