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SKSE opens launch menu

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So I've run across from what I can tell is a rare if not unique problem with SSE, I've added some mods recently and now no matter what I do it just opens the SSE launch menu whether I run SKSE64 or run it from steam, and I've hit play multiple times and the menu goes away but then pops back up without actually launching the game, and because I use vortex I don's have a way to show my mod list.

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Stop using alpha mod managers that lack even the most basic functions for one.  For the other, disable all mods and then start enabling them one at a time until you find the one making your game not properly launch.  If all mods disabled still won't launch the game you may need to reinstall the game.  

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Not sure if this will help but.....


I had this happen a few weeks ago. 


All I did was restart my PC. Then SKSE ran as usual from MO2 etc. 


if that doesn't work try 


reinstalling SKSE64 (after deleting the previous copy)


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