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Conversion for SE

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I need help please.
I have been trying to convert two mods of followers.
So I put Nif Optimizer in the file then launch Nif.
Then, I launch CK and save the plugin to have it in the right format.
And returned the converted esp to the folder.
For Acalypha, I launch the game and then go get it. As soon as I approach her it's CTD. As for Danariel, it works but it's black face and without hair.

Is it coming from me or is Nif Optimizer not viable?

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I use NIF optimizer, then check the texture compatibility with NIF optimizer, sometimes the textures from Oldrim are not compatible with SSE. Also sometimes its best to leave the esp format in the Oldrim form 43 rather then change it to form 44 with the CK. I use Danariel as a follower but not Acalypha (she doesn't appeal to me) I enjoy converting mods maybe I'll try to convert her to see if I can do it.

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For Calypha, I find another way.
I took the vo se version of the mod and the oldrim version translated into French (I am French). I translated the mod and recompress and it worked.
Acalypha is special.
I could have like that Acalypha, and Victoria Velina.
I'm trying to get Shalahad but I can't find the SE version.
Right now my favorite is Ambriel.

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I converted Acalypha , it CTD when I entered the Heart of the forest. It was challenging but I finally got it to work. I had to change her eyes, and get rid of the mark on her face, then it worked just fine. I was thinking about getting rid of her horns too, but didn't for now. I kind of like her now with blue eyes. and no marks on her face. Now I'm off to Winterhold to find a ring. I repacked my conversion into a mod, but if you are French it probably won't do you much good.

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