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Can someone help me figure out what body to use and how?

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I've always used cbbe. But, with this new collision cosio thing, that seems really cool. And so does this bhunp thing. But there's no ct77 remodeled armor for bhunp, and cosio says that there's only zap or no zap versions available. I like to be able to go through and pick and choose on each armor. I seem to be remember that last time I modded skyrim there was some all in one type deal where I just had to build the bodies in bodybuilder and I was done.


Basically, please just explain all these new developments.

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Haven't used CBBE in years (so don't use COSIO) I don't understand the Zap or no Zap thing, I am not going to read if for you. It just sounds like you have a version that you can zap (remove) armour pieces when you create them in BS and one where you can't. But I haven't read it so can only go by your description.


BHUNP should be compatible with UUNP armours as it's an update on UUNP.


To build all the armours to one body shape use the Batch build button. Should be bottom left.

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