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Make follower A aware of Follower B when Follower B mod is installed....question

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So I have Elsie LaVache mod (and The Milk Maid) and I created a follower named Ion (requested)

I'd like to have Elsie be aware of Ion if the Ion_follower.esp is installed.

I know how to check if a mod is installed 

Would I then create a boolean variable that gets set to True is the Ion follower is installed?


I'm thinking like...

Check if Ion Follower Mod is installed and if yes, then set a boolean variable to True, and then... get Ion into an Alias inside of the Elsie LaVache mod. Could I just use GetFormFromFile for that and use Ion's Form ID?

Could even start a sub quest inside Elsie LaVache where she needs to find Ion or whatever and put any dialogue between them into that sub quest?





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Ok... I check to see if the Ion_follower.esp is installed and my debug notice says it is. So that part works.

From inside the Elsie LaVache mod I'm trying to grab Ion and stick her into an alias so I can start a story line.


I created a function that runs from the Player alias OnPlayerLoadGame :


Function FindIon()
    if Game.GetModByName("Ion_follower.esp")!=255 && Game.GetModByName("Ion_follower.esp")!=-1
    ; We have the mod
    Debug.Notification("Ion is in the world...")
    Actor IonActor = Game.getFormFromFile(0x12C4, "Ion_follower.esp") as Actor
        if ( IonActor )
        Debug.Notification("IonActor is populated")
        Ion_Alias.forceRefTo(Game.getFormFromFile(0x12C4, "Ion_follower.esp") as Actor)

If I load Ion into CK her formID shows up as 040012C4 (I know the "04" part is her load order as seen by CK)


For the GetFormFromFile I've tried using 0x0012C4, 0x000012C4, and 0X12C4

I never see the debug notification that "IonActor is populated" and using SQV ELV_Mainquest, I can see the Ion_Alias is NONE so it didn't fill.


I have a property set for the Ion_Alias like this: ReferenceAlias property Ion_Alias Auto


Where am I screwing this up?




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OK, well... I can't get this to work the way I wanted. I can detect the mod is installed. But I can't fill the Ion_Alias in the Elsie mod with an alias for Ion (from the Ion_follower mod)


In Ion_follower I created a quest just so that I could create an alias for Ion in her own mod (IonAlias)


From inside the Elsie mod I can detect Ion's mod is installed and start her quest which then fills her alias in the Ion mod, but I can't seem to fill the Ion_Alias in Elsie's mod.


I'm either going to have to figure out another way to do this or abandon the plan to have them interact.


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