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[Relz] PC Exclusive Gender Specific Cycling Idles

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Download from NVNexus


Allows your character to play 4 cycling idles when not moving. Male and female have separate animation path. NPCs are not affected :cool:


This mod provides 4 IDLEs for female player character and 4 IDLEs for male player character. The idles are chosen at random.


The idle is only played when you're not moving. Basically, this "replaces" the basic, gender-shared mtidle.kf with more idles.


To that end, this mod supplies you with 8 animations taken from the game's sources. They're basically 2 animations (one male, one female) duplicated 4 times.


For female, the animation is dialogbodyshiftrightfemalelistena

For male, the animation is dialogbodyshiftrightlistena


By default, you'll just cycle through the same animations over and over. You'll need other idles for variety.


Both are duplicated and renamed as follows:













Each idle has 25% chance to play. If you have any idle that you want to use, simply overwrite any of the provided idles


You can reset the playing idle by going to 1stPerson camera and drawing your weapon (any weapon will do), then go back to 3rdPerson camera and holster your weapon. After a few moments, a random idle will be chosen again. :)



I hope now animators can make idle animations for New Vegas, unrestricted to the fact that mtidle.kf is gender-shared. Because let's face it: gender-shared animation is VERY restrictive :dodgy:


Raestloz PC Idles.7z

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It's the animation of someone resting their right hand on their hip. The image attachment demonstrates the animation included.


There is no decent idle for specific gender for New Vegas at the moment. So that's what you'll get.



To be clear, this mod only applies when mtidle.kf is playing. The goal is to replace mtidle.kf (which is gender-shared, and as such is quite restrictive for intrepid idle animators) with idles that are gender-specific and player-exclusive.


By default, the 4 idles are exactly the same. I have only found one even remotely good idle for use (thanks to Obsidian's slouched animations :/), so that's what I go with. If you don't overwrite any file, you'll always play the exact same animations.


While there are many cool-looking animations you can see NPCs engage when talking to you, they don't actually look awesome when seen from the back. :(

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