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Are there any mods, besides milkmod which does not work for me, out there for cum food/drink items? Or is anyone interested in making one such mod? 

Doesn't have to have an animation for it or anything, I`d just like the cum item as drink or food. Maybe with a little creativity like cum soup, semen mead, roasted steak with cum dressing, sperm bread, ect. For special edition. 

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4 hours ago, Lestat1627 said:

Succubus Heart 4.412


With Additemmenu search for succubus hearts, add to your inventory of hearts including Cum, Desire, Experience etc.
You can also find them by searching for enemies you kill during the game.
It does not require the use of a specific breed.
You may need a new game to activate it in MCM

Thanks. It`s a good mod, but the sperm doesn`t count as a food item. Would you know of any other mods that might have this feature? Maybe there are some on oldrim? 

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