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Wicked Whims Female Texture

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Mhm, the only info I got is by Turbo Nudity - Basics


" Currently, WickedWhims doesn’t include general naked body overrides, like detailed skin or defined shapes, so these always have to be downloaded separately. WickedWhims only includes a default penis model that is used for any Sim that is flagged to have a penis.
You can download defined body mods at the Download page."



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When I open that nipletopfemale package everything looks the same as it does when I open the nude top in S4S.  The thumbnail is the barbie doll body and has no texture file.  When open the meshes for both in Blender the skin texture is the default skin with the bras on it.  I have to be missing something here.

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Oups, but I do not have any idea of Blender etc.  I m a double zero in technics, soooorry.

Uuuuh to open meshes... me? Never! I m to stupid to recolor something myself. *lol


At my game it works bit like a kind of default top.

If I undress the regular female top, cmars nipple top shows up at the female / female framed sims.

I m wondering what this default nipple could be (wild guy s stuff?)


Guess you tried yourself this


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I think I figured it out while digging through the WW package file.  There's an image in there that is just the nipple and are semi transparent.  I'm guessing the game automatically overlays that onto the body so there is not actual texture file like you would have for clothes.

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