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[Outdated] Lovers GodMode fix

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Just a little plugin i made that helps me while testing stuff (i tend to always use a fresh character) and with my attitude to not like encumberance based inventories (more a fan of how the Gothic series does it).


This little mod disables the players god mode (if enabled) as soon as sex starts, and enables it again afterwards, if it was enabled before.

Depending on the LPK and LPK Extender you use, enabled god mode could prevent LPK from finishing the sex scene, so if you forget to disable god mode before one of the participants finishes, you're stuck in a loop.


This mod helps too with mod's that need the player to take damage from sex, as health, magica and stamina can be damaged again while sex is running.


What i can't fix, is the overencumbered message, as the game accepts no feather or fortify strength spells while sex is running and i'm not even going to try to use SetAV or ModAV.

if you know better, that lines are still in the script. Just commented out.


Load the mod somewhere. i loaded it as last Lovers mod, but before SetBody. i'm sure it doesn't make a difference where you load it, as it edit's nothing. Just a quest checking for a token.


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