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DCL and Cursed Collar

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the thing is the cursed collar always punish even when im naked (i have yps jewerly ,  i remove  them  to try it and nothing) so i have no idea why keep doing that, i removed it with free me but want to do the quest some day, thanks 4 help anyway ^^.



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Find a save point where you have completely clean inventory, not wearing anything at all, not even carrying any items. Then type in console:




Find out what the remaining items are and what mods they come from. If you have Live Another Life you could try that with a new game. Just drop the first given items on ground or something. But you could be wearing something that was only given later after you started playing, we just can't be sure about that yet.


Main culprit is any mod that adds any wearable effect. iEquip is especially conflicting with DCL but there could be others. Devious Body Alteration wears player some hidden items to make the modification effects, but i don't know if that effects the Cursed Collar quest.

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