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Make charater look beauty

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Hi im Qewe. Im new in this game. Hope you guys will help my problems.


I dowloaded this follower mod , here is her preview image :


But this is what i get in the game. she look much less beautiful than the pic above :


I havent install enb yet, cause im afraid of losing performance.Here is my pc spec:




I really want the charaters look beauty. The other things like shadow,enviroment, house,tree,snow... I care about those less



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Ok,well first off, you can go ahead and install ENB because you disable it while you're playing, and just enable it with hotkey when you want to make a screenshot.


As for the character, in your game you are outdoor with crappy lighting, go inside the temple of kynereth in whiterun where there is nice lighting. You game has soe bad shadows. Try an enb. On the mods page is there any requirements like eye texture replacers or anything, or is it standalone?

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