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Simtasia Default Nude Female Bottom Package

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Simtasia Default Nude Female Bottom Package

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None of the Simtasia Animations require the Simtasia Default Nude Female Bottom. It is purely an option for detailed female genitalia.

Previews below in spoiler.



Previews for Simtasia Default Female Nude Bottom.

Sculpted vulva and labia for more realistic character.

Mesh has remapped vertex weighting for more realistic response to character's mesh movement.
















Massage Table animations require the Spa Day Expansion pack.


Check out Simtasia Creations on Patreon for news and "exclusive" Patron content!


Female Solos

  1. Parted Pleasures series
  2. Alone Time
  3. Fingering Frenzy series (multi-part series)
  4. Table Talk (Tease)
  5. The Love Seat  (work in progress, custom object)
  6. Sybian Pole Salsa (custom object)
  7. Erotix Dildo (custom object)
  8. Monkey Business (custom object)
  9. Park Pleasures 
  10. Alien Probing
  11. Alone Time (Massage Table , requires Spa Day EP)
  12. Divan Delights (custom object)
  13. Divan Stimulation (custom object)
  14. Divan Dildo Rub (custom object)
  15. Divan Dildo Dipping (multi-part series) (custom object)
  16. Good Vibrations (multi-part series) (custom object)
  17. Swing Time (multi-part series ,custom object)
  18. Stimulation (multi-part series)


Female Duets

  1. Aggressive Behavior
  2. Bent Desires
  3. Special Moments
  4. Spreading the Joy (multi-part series)
  5. Bedroom Bliss
  6. Honey Dippers
  7. Bottoms Up ( multi-part series)
  8. Coffee Table Tango
  9. Picnic Break
  10. Counter Measures ( multi-part series)
  11. Alien Probe Duet
  12. Sharing an Alien Probing
  13. A Lady's Touch
  14. Face Time (multi-part series)
  15. Divan Desires
  16. Divan Dildo Lovers ( multi-part series)
  17. Tension Relief ( requires Spa Day EP)


Female Threesomes

  1. Lip Service (multi-part)


Female Foursomes

  1. Stacked Deck


Mixed Genders Twosomes

  1. Headboard Doggy
  2. Bedtime Doggy
  3. Doggy and a BJ
  4. Warmed Bottom
  5. Red Cheeks
  6. Getting It Up
  7. A Little Doggy (multi-part)
  8. Rattan Seat BJ


Mixed Gender Threesomes

  1. Joint Efforts
  2. Living It Up (multi-part)



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Simtasia, I LOVE your female genitalia (lol), tbh it's the only reason I didn't throw the whole WW out yet (and I'm a girl). It's really the best thing that makes sex in Sims great! I don't know how other players can look at those flat labia-less pussies :D

But I have a problem, I firstly had wild_guy's vaginas pack and when I installed your package, it probably caused conflict, so I removed his one. So now I know that your mod causes my sims in CAS to have underpants still on. I'm not happy about it because I can't change my sim's pubic hair in CAS. The vulva is visible in outfits that are transparent though. Is there any chance you could improve your mod to make sims totally underwear free? :)  I don't want to remove your package :(

Love ❤️

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