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Eyes Got Fubared


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I am honestly near wits end with this. I have absolutely no idea what mod could be causing it but all but one of my female eye types in character creation has turned absolutely derped post-107406-13597882778278_thumb.jpg in addition to this there seems to be only two female eye selections now for some reason, one hazel and the other looks like this post-107406-13597882779356_thumb.jpg on males it has been reduced to only one. the odd part of this problem is that it only extends to new character creation as all of my savegames still have the correct eye shapes and colors. What could be causing this and more importantly how do I fix it?

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You may want to post the mods you are using' date='possibly ones you've recently uninstalled,load order etc. you haven't really given much information to go on.


only recent one I installed that would have any effect would be RBS and i uninstalled it to test if that would fix it. for some reason it only seems to effect the human races. aside from that I have 192 esps running so the list is quite extensive.

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