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Fusion Girl Clothes and Armors

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So I got the VTAW Wardrobe that was converted for Fusion Girl but it was, I guess, using an older Fusion Girl Slider set so there was some serious clipping on the lower half of the body.  I've gone through and fixed a lot of the clipping issues and wanted to know what the proper way to post conversions or conversions that I've altered is?  I'm assuming give credit to the original author and just mention its a conversion/modification to the original work?  By modification I'm just making certain things a little more snug. Like belts that where way too wide, etc.


I've made my first attempt at a CBBE to Fusion Girl conversion as well but I don't have all the mats to craft it yet to test it yet but if that works I'd be willing to share my conversions, just want to make sure I'm following the rules correctly. 


Thanks for your time and feedback.

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If I am understanding what you are saying, you'll need the permission from VTAW Wardrobe modder, unless they state that that conversions/modifications are allowed.  This is assuming you want to repost the meshes/textures.  If instead you are just going to post the slider file without any meshes then you should be fine.

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So I'm assuming I'd just be posting my slider file.  The only thing I've done is confirm the outfits to use all of the current fusion (Zex Fusion Girl) sliders then expand the meshes to cover the body.  I've changed a few scales to better fit the FGB also but everything I've done has need in outfit studio or body slide then saved back into the mod file.  I just started to try this stuff this week and just want to make sure I do t step on toes and spare other users from having to follow the same process.

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