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Keep crashing when seat on stool after talked to Lisbeth

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is the initial dream ok? even if you disabled most mods' date=' we still have to go through them as sometimes files are overwriting other stuff. It's not complicated but we need to go through everything.



The initial dream is fine,so what should I do to the mods? Are you sure is becouse of those mods?:blush:

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I am back in the crowd, steadily working my way thru the Gold Edition beta.

I got a crash in the scene with Lisbeth (alternatively Lisbeth and my char were standing there in idle pose) until I completely disabled all Lovers PI´s. Now things work fine. So I guess it´s a conflict of idle poses.

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Yes. I made a patch for it but as I'm still working on it so it's a bit too early to publish it (put it on the bottom of course). Also: LPK with CLS is violently redudant so it doesn't really make sense...


Yamamaya' date=' was it also you issue?


Thanks a lot Quas!




sorry I wasn't able to play game for days,I'll try it as soon as I can.

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2 more cut scene crash reports:

- After Emmanuel´s true nature has been discovered the staff meets in the basement of the hotel. The girls assemble and the game crashes.

- When Barbara wants to worship with my char (female dark elf) I get 2 of those ugly streaks towards the center of the cell originating in the hair / shoulder area of my char then the game crashes. Skeleton problem?

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