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[mod] VR and free camera - DOA6Vr v0.35 (2020-02-02)


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I've been working on a VR mod recently. I just put up an alpha build for anyone who wants to give it a try.


Demo Youtube video (from v0.1)


Alpha 0.35 built on 2020-02-02


(Made with DOA v1.18)

Download: https://github.com/Doa6Vr/Doa6Vr/releases/tag/0.35



Note: The 3D effect relies on Nvidia 3D Vision. For 3D you will require an Nvidia graphics card and use an older NVidia driver that still has 3D Vision support.

Display in the VR headset relies on a third party program, like Virtual Desktop. Big Screen may work (and is free) but I haven't tried.


Important: Read the README.md for controls. They are not intuitive and you are unlikely to figure it out without looking at the readme.


New in 0.35

* Updated for DOA6 1.18


New in 0.34:

 * Updated for DOA6 1.17


New in 0.33:

 * Updated for DOA 1.15


New in 0.32:

 * Fixed moving around for many camera modes


New in 0.31:

 * VR improvements: Fixed judder in VR headset and fixed cardboard cutout effect.

 * Added '100% depth' modes to D3DX.ini (be sure to update it!). These modes fix the 'cardboard cutout'  appearance present before. See release notes on github.

 * Moving around is still a bit broken (axis a bit messed up, doesn't always go the direction you intend)




  * View in VR with several camera presets (POV mode, normal game camera, free roaming).

  * Free roam with the camera using the gamepad or moving around with the VR headset

  * Can set CPU vs CPU, and set each to its own CPU level

  * Can give players infinite health, infinite break meter, or no break meter

  * Can pause gameplay or play in slow motion.


Free camera should work without VR by just running the VrMod from the Cheat Engine table (requires CamMod.dll in directory with CT file)


Old versions can be found at https://github.com/Doa6Vr/Doa6Vr/releases


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On 11/17/2019 at 10:28 AM, Ragnarok666 said:

can this work as free camera mod without the VR gear ?


It should work fine (but untested).  Just skip the step to run HmdServer.exe simply run the CheatEngine table and check "VrMod" (making sure that CamMod.dll is in the same directory as it). It should handle lack of VR gear the same as if the VR gear was there but just not moving

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14 hours ago, FouGilang said:

doesnt work for me

Are you asking for help or just wanted to let us know you weren't able to get it running? If you were asking for help, you'd need to provide at least one detail about your issue or there's really no way I can tell you what's going wrong.

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i just wanted to let you know that i wasnt able to get it running lol

bryan's is fine so i went back to using it





based on the readme file, i just need to start the game, check the "VRMOD", then press F2

there was some kinda "activated" sound

but when i tried in-game none of my gamepad buttons control the camera so i assume its not working at all for me

i'll be back when there's an update or i somehow found a way to make it work

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Hmm, I would have figured it wouldn't let you check the VrMod checkbox.  If it lets you check it then everything should be working...


The controls aren't the same as Bryan's. The mess that the controls currently are is why I'm still calling it Alpha. After hearing the 'activated' sound then pulling the left trigger on P1's controller should pause/unpause gameplay. If this is working, then the control sticks should also move the camera.


I haven't actually had a chance to play with DOA6 1.15 with Alpha 0.33. I only had a bit of time to try to update it for the new version and tried to get that out for people before the holiday weekend. It seemed to work okay, though.  I should get some time later to play and see if anything is going wrong.


Are you using an Xbox One controller?  The controls are for Xbox controllers and I've had issues with generic controllers not working as well when ran through Steam.

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*I am writing this using a Google Translate.


Thank you for a great job.

it works with VR on 1.15.
but i cant check some bryanyoras scripts.


[My PC environment]

windows10 64bit
nvidia driver:425.31
(418.91 could not be enabled 3dvision in my PC.)
HTC vive
Virtual Desktop
DOA 1.15

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Updated 0.34: DOA6 1.17 support (again, the only thing that seemed broken was setting player to CPU and setting break meter)


Also tried updating Bryanyora's scripts. They seem to activate now, but haven't really tested them.

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On 1/19/2020 at 6:54 AM, uldnas01 said:

When Virtual Desktop starts, HmdServer.exe ends.

I use Vive(steamVR), can I start them at the same time?

Maybe try starting them in the other order?


HmdServer.exe uses SteamVR to get headset position. Maybe it doesn't allow two SteamVR programs at once?


I have Virtual Desktop for Oculus. Oculus refuses to let you start anything if another 3D program is running, so I have to start Virtual Desktop first, then after Virtual Desktop is up I then load up HmdServer.exe, then DOA6.


But unfortunately since I don't have Vive, I can't really help too much with it

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Thanks for reply.


Could not start in any order at the same time.
Unfortunately, vive doesn't seem to be able to run at the same time as virtual desktop.

I don't know how it works, but software like "Daily OVR" can be started at the same time.
I will try to find a software alternative to virtual desktop.

On 1/22/2020 at 4:21 PM, FouGilang said:

this still work on yesterday's update?

Probably won't work in 1.18

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On 1/23/2020 at 5:46 AM, uldnas01 said:

I will try to find a software alternative to virtual desktop.

I've planned on custom making a 3D viewer app so that Virtual Desktop is not required. The main reason why is that when "Head Lock" is enabled Virtual Desktop does not really smoothly move the display with your head, creating a bit of a judder effect. However, I really haven't been spending any time with this lately, so it's possible I never get around it to. But maybe.

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