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[Kirax X TeamTAL] Vindictus Elculous Reborn

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[Kirax X TeamTAL] Vindictus Elculous Reborn

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Hi guys, hope you're having a great day.


This is a remake of the Elculous armor and weapon set.


What's changed?

- Armor model has been refitted, now supports CBBE/UUNP/Bodyslide.

- Textures and shader settings have been completely remade by Regenbot03/TeamTAL.

- Physics have been added to earrings and back.

- A new hairstyle with physics have been added to go with the set.

- Added 7 colors for the armor to choose from.

- More weapons have been added.

- Bow mesh have been fixed.


I have to thank Regenbot for remaking all the textures of this mod. He did this for free even though he had a very busy schedule, and it was A LOT of weapons and armor textures to go through and tweak the shader settings one by one. He is a very humble and patient man, you guys have probably downloaded his mods at one point in your modding life.


Go support him on patreon cause he seriously deserves it for all the amazing work he's done for free over the years.

He has also provided the .psd files incase you need to edit them yourself. It is the second link in the download section.



Original Contents from Vindictus, DevCat Studio, NEXON.   

Model extracting, refitting, physics, esp editing, bodyslide files, fomod writing: Me.

Texture retouching, shader settings: Regenbot03/TeamTAL.





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6 hours ago, KiraxSkyrim said:

It will be very helpful if you can pinpoint which piece of the armor you equip causes CTD, and what body type you're using/did you use bodyslide :)

Thanks for the quick reply. I wasn't any particular piece, the CTD came while loading.  Everything built fine in Bodyslide.  As for the body, I use CBBE with Bounce and Jiggles. I've been looking into this a bit and wonder if there is a conflict with HDT?  That seems odd, however, since I never managed to equip any of the armor. 

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