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YangYang AIR compilation


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Of course. Here is a working 4shared link: http://www.4shared.com/rar/HrIjScA6/AIRAir_Outfit_Compilation_10.html


I recommend using the 'AirOC04 Vat.esp' which places a container with all the stuff - an uncommon-looking crude barrel - next to the IC prison exit in the IC market district. The other esp will auto-add all outfits to your inventory upon game start, heavily burdening you in the process (though this is not a factor if toggling god mode with the console command TGM) and will lead to quite a lag just accessing the menu screen.


The collection might have a few issues with missing files ('Doli' armor for example), but overall it's a great mod that has outfits for every taste and style. Cheesecake for everyone so to speak. Have fun!

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