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Looking for help or advice for a personal mod.

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I have a tobacco pipe I got from a old obscure mod some time ago, I have recolored it in Gimp but would like to do some more modding to it but lack the knowledge and or tools.


I would like to add some burning embers inside the bowl and maybe a tiny bit of smoke smoke on top of the embers to simulate smoking tobacco. I have tried to import the embers from the animated smoking pipe mod  to the mesh in Nifscope but I cant get it to work or show up in game.


I would also like to take out some of the length in the middle of the stem and make it shorter, but I have no idea on how to do that or what tools to use for that . can do  some basic modding but this is beyond my current skills.


I am a pipe smoker in real life so I would really like to improve my pipe for use in Skyrim.


Here is pic of my current toon with pipe,




If anyone can help me out or give me advice on how to accomplish my endeavor I would be gratefully thankful :)  


Thank you.


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If you want that annimation for your pipe you have to create your pipe as a "animation object" in CS using the animation file. If you want the pipe of the mod  as a have to create a a clothing file of the pipe mesh. If you want to have the smoke effect on your pipe you have to add a partikel effekt to the ember trishape of your pipe like it is done in both mods.

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