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New Vegas Chronicles

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Well I may not be very good at modding but there is another area I'm good at. And I want your input on how to become better.


Here is the prologue for a short series I'm going to write using ALL aspects of Sexout mods... Rapers, Breeder, Kennel, etc...


So if you're up for a very naughty, dirty read. Here you go.


"This is only the beginning."


I'll add the chapters as I write them so Please comment on them.


Spelling errors, Grammer Errors, Is it engaging/pull you in, etc. I can take it as I work on my writing skills.

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I actually found this impressively good. Solidly written, nice little details, the tone is good, feels gritty, feels real.


There's a few typos here and there but nothing major. I'm eagerly awaiting to see more of this. It would be really interesting if you did an AAR type thing with this, with a few (not a lot) of screens here and there.


Please, continue!

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