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The Nest door blocked - Can't go in


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Hello !


I've arrived in the archspider realm and found a door called "the nest". When I try to go in it says "the door is blocked". I've checked the walkthrough but there's nothing about it, it seems that normaly I could enter but the way back would be blocked. What am I supposed to do ? Have I done anything wrong ?



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There is a door in and one out the in one is about half way down the hill/mountain.


Thanks' date=' I'll try to find it :)


EDIT : Found it ! Thanks tallal ! :)


Nothing to do here, thanks Tallal! :)


That's OK no bigy; and CLS is at the list top on Nexus.

But being "adult" :angel: doubt if it will get a mention on the nexus front page

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Nope. We were n°1 mod of the last 2 weeks for more than one year... We also were mod of the month for the same amount of time. We were in the top 25 for 2 years in a row and the fastest to come to this position when Oblivion was already abandonned.


Not even a little remark anywhere although a glitch in the Nexus server routine lists us in the FOM at some point but it's hard to see...


Meanwhile, "modders" that create yet another sword have an interview...



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