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Sexout NG causing game to crash when I start new game

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I am not sure what is happening, I have install the data and the core and I did a thorough check of all the mod to single out the problem and it is definably sexout. I turn off and on all my other mod and when I try to run sexout by itself it does the same thing. After intro the game just crash when loading. Please help.

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Crash on load means one of three things:

1) missing or misplaced master file (esm). Run BOSS and FNVEdit. Boss will sort known files, FNVEdit will help you find and fix the files BOSS doesn't know.

2) Wrong version on NVSE or the extender. NVSE should be at least 3b2, extender should be 11.

3) NVSE or extender installed in the wrong place. NVSE files should be in the top-level new vegas folder (same as the new vegas exe file), extender should be in Fallout New Vegas/Data/NVSE/Plugins.

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I love FNVEdit, and think it's a great tool, but it can be pretty overwhelming to someone new.


Don't get me wrong, it can help, but it's probably not necessary and could make a problem seem more complicated than it actually is.


If you're just doing load order stuff you should probably just stick to FOMM no?

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