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Far cry 3 Mods!!!!

Guest Lady Luck

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Guest Lady Luck

if any of you wondering if far cry3 had mods yes!, but u need to patch at least v1.02 now this is awosome!


Complete Essential Far Cry III mod below


Far cry 3 steam mods



Lovers lab first Far cry III - Mods outfit List

This will be ongoing update outfit mods for the Far cry III and i will


" Search how to load tpf file using texmod , you will see changes when you boot the game"


- Please do not Release this mod anywhere else on your blog etc, ask permission first, Everything on this re texture outfits i hand drawned them there's no other way because if i did copy paste from Google images that shit will ruin the quality.


1. Jason Brody - Tactical Jungle Warfare Outfit

note : this mod will crash on 1.02 during privateer mission where jason brody owns foster uniform please turn off the mod before you playing that mission.


Color Scheme

black and white [ Camo pants]

Shirt [black]



Leather gloves


Author : DomGar



Download MOD Here

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