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I was wondering, was there any mods created to improve the effects of water surfaces in New Vegas? I find them rather too transparent at times. You could easily see the bottom at certain angles/positions. and when I swim or stand on it.. i can't determine what part of my body is underwater because its just too clear..

So anyone?

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aww that's too bad

yep have them switched on always, but still teh water just doesnt look to visible for me. Even when i try to look at it sideways so the sun would reflect on the wavy surface, there's so little light bouncing off.. just not that visible at all. I've also scowered Fallout Nexus for any mods also no luck.. The water by the lake when viewed seem ok-ish. Its usually the water from little ponds and rivers that just look almost invisible. Only when i stare at it long enough do i notice the waving underwater surfaces are so subtle. THe water is just so "clean near the edge and surfaces that you couldnt determine when the ground meets the water. I'd edit the water surfaces myself if only I knew how and what exact files to tinker with.

On a sidenote, I noticed that the water on mini swimming pools/jacuzzi's in the hideout mods look more visible, not because they are more murky but rather they have better waves.





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