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Casting magic from my characters chest?


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Hey LL.


A looooong time ago, around three years or more, I recall downloading a mod that changed magic casting in the third person a little different. However, i'm not sure if thats the problem, as its so long.


My problem is my character (for arguments sake) throws a fireball. It should come from the end of the hand/palm. Instead, it comes from the 'heart'/chest.


Its really irritating me.


Does anyone happen to know what the 'file' name would be that overwrites the default animation? I don't believe its an ESP/ESM, so i'm thinking its a simple file replacer.


I'd appreciate help tracking it down.

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hmm,, yeah, I guess I had experienced similar problem. But in my case it was from the empty air, not from the chest.

Does reloading the save or resetting Oblivion fix the issue? In my case it worked, it was temporary issue, and now it's gone. I don't know why, but it's gone. I *believe* it's because I changed 3rd person skeleton with Growlf's one (from Coronerra's old version ), but, dunno. I think it's related to something of skeleton.

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Could indeed be a custom animation. I think it's a Russian set of casting animations that has such a technique of concentrating magical energies in front of your chest to release it then.


The file in question is named 'CastTarget' and is either found in 'Meshes\Characters\_Male' (if every magic user in the game has this animation) or in a subfolder in there, named 'Specialanims'. This is the case if the animation is limited to the player character. Such a folder is generated when installing a complete animation replacer mod. Deleting the 'CastTarget' file will force the game to use the vanilla casting animation again.


I'm having a similar problem, too. But(t) the other way around: I never succeeded to get that legendary animation to work of casting on-target spells from my character's ass (!). Simply putting the file into either one of those folders mentioned above did nothing, but there was only the kf file included in the archive, no special esp seems to be needed. Maybe Japanese characters in the file prevent it from working?


It should be functional as the archive contains a series of funny screenshots of the animation in action. Dammit.

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