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New Youtube Layout!


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So once again, the geniuses at Google once again thought it was a good idea to change Youtube's layout, just as we were getting used to this one. This one features all new exiting features we're all going to love! In exchange for our Recommended box and our ease of access to our subscriptions, inbox, Browse button, and the ability to see a poster's videos without going into their channel or opening new links, we are now able to see videos those douchebags on our friends list post on their facebook walls.





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I'd complain, but all they do is go LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU to those who do, and then jerk off to the praise of their blind, stupid faboys who shout GOOGLE CAN DO NO WRONG ALL HAIL GOOGLE NOW I'M GOING BACK TO MY HANGOUT ON CHROME YOU HATERS YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS AND OTHER STUPID SHIT THAT PASS AS LOGIC ON YOUTUBE.

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