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A few questions about Sexout


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Sexout is amazing, but everyone knows this. I'll try to keep this reasonably brief. My lingering questions:


1) In a female/female/female scenario, the randomizer always pulls up a strapon+strapon scenario, and never oral. Instructions given during SexoutSex don't seem to have much bearing on this. Is this because no three-female animation features oral as part of its makeup?


2) Is there a list somewhere which details what animations are available and their corresponding numbers?


3) When strapons are invoked (as in the scenario above), they are in fact invisible. I have installed Spectrum Warrior's Adult Resources for SCR. What else might I try installing to correct this?


Thanks in advance.

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For number one, I simply don't think there are any triple oral anims of any sort, and for number 3, you need to have full SCR installed and possibly legion? I know some meshes/textures for strapons are in legion for whatever reason, as sexoutrapist requires it for it's strapon on anims.

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