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Hello there,


I'm having trouble figure out how to use S-Allure's boob mesh. It works well besides the fact that when I remove my sims clothes they have no nipples, anyone know how to help me with that? Is there a skin overlay or something I'm missing to make it all work? I would appreciate any feedback I've spend hours trying to figure it out myself so this is my hail mary. I have attached a list on my body mods in my folder for reference.


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The Helio file is the slider (1kb file right?) which works with allure just fine. I was just thinking i'm using the same files why did i never run into this problem.

It's probably becasue i had whicked whims running from the beginning which comes with some basic stuff. You probably will get it any way rather sooner than later.

You can and should still apply the additonal options from the skin section but i guess with whicked whims you will look less strange when starting.

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If that is all the mods you're using, then you don't have a default skin replacer. So everyone is going to be in "barbie" mode.


You need a default replacer if you want nipples by default, otherwise you need to apply an overlay via the skin details section in CAS. This won't work for all your sims though, only for the one you apply the overlay to, thus why it's best to at least have a basic default replacer so all sims will automatically be nude.


Or if you plan on using WickedWhims, it already comes with a default replacer so you'll be set there. Wild_Guy, the stuff you're already using, has a default replacer in their mod. I'm assuming you didn't install it and only grabbed a few select things from it (judging by your mod list there). Otherwise google around and find a default skinblend/skintone that you enjoy.

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