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Bodyslide issue


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For some reason when my character wears armor the breasts are smaller than my default body. Is there a way to combat this or am I stuck with it? The problem I am having is if I lower the scale size of the breasts, the clothing size gets way too small. I just want to be able to have everything be the same.

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The reason for that is that the armors have their own solid body meshes...one for weight slider 0 and one for 100...it doesn`t matter what body you have installed...the body slider only effects the armor and it`s own body.


If your boobies are too small you should go for the CBBE body and for the extra CBBE BodySlide...Link

With this you can create whatever body you want AND whatever outfit you want...just convert your outfit to work with body slide and than you have matching boobs`n clothes.

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