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SexLab Plugins with following Features..

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hey there im Looking for one (or maybe more) SexLab Plugins with following Features:


- Nearby NPC's reacting on Sex (maybe also nudity in generell) and stay to look awhile

- Hotkey to start sex with crosshaired NPC (maybe count as rape but thats not neccesary) - yes hotkey - not a spell ^^

- Npc's Sleep with another (best when they think there unseen)

- Ask if the PC sould take the male or female-role before starting a animation


i'm pretty sure that i had in my last Playthrou all theese features but i cant find them again. I Know that the hotkey-mod was a part of PSQ but PSQ is too big with soooo many features what i will not use in this Playthrou - so maybe one of you know a smaller mod?  best whould be if anything above where contaned in one mod - but i whould also take 3 lightweight mods - i want to keep my Skyrim this time a bit smaller xD so thats more room for content-mods.^^


whould be pretty nice if someone had the one or another idea :)

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