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Fitness/Overweight question

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From the very beginning of the game, I pretty much eliminated the need to exercise, using a mod 'no fit/no fat'. Never truely thought about it til now, does Sims 4 always default newly made NPC sims as heavier set and they over time gain/lose weight? Going thru my non played sims page and only the maxis original ones are skinny, everyone else is overweight.

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If you use the pack "City Living" the cause is related to the low AI capacity. 

1. NPC don't eat when they are not in a played area : the main consequence is that all your visitors are starving and raid the fridge / start cooking as soon as they get in.


2. City Living add food stalls : since they are starving, they eat junk food and get fat fast. This is worst when you live in an appartment since the sims in the street are managed and spend their time eating high calory food, gain fat faster.


3. Reversed effect if you don't live in an appartment : the roaming NPC are managed by the AS (Artificial Stupidity) : they never eat except if the find a grill. You can check, near a grill you'll find a mountain of rotting burgers. Consquence : some sims are starving to death and some are getting max fat. 


The problem would be solved if sims getting in managed world had their needs filled ( maybe no full, but at leat 2 / 3 ) but I don't think anyone succeded in modding this, since it should be quite hardcoded. Second issue seems to be that to make the food stalls lively the system make NPC eat even if their needs don't need it (not sure of it but read that quite a few times).


Last point : there was a bug making toddlers aging to teenagers loose all fat  / muscle.

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Heres the thing tho, the game is creating them heavier set. I'd see several new sims start appearing and right away they are bigger sized sims. With the No Fitness/No Fat mod I run, Sims never gain nor lose weight, they are exactly the same as how they were created. (Which is oddly enough the only mod that I've had since the very beginning that Maxis hasn't broken with a expansion or patch). When the Get Famous expansion came out and it created a slew of new NPCs, many of them were thin (Hair dresser, costume designer, and several producers and directors), but it seemed everyone else was larger. I also noticed that the game tended to favor Elders as well, but I use the MCC Mod and I set % for Elders to be low and its slowed that down.


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