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0-Positiv - toilet stall

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0-Positiv - toilet stall

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Here are some more mods from me 0-Positivs - Sims Mods


This toilet cabin was originally released by EA in the game The Sims 3.
The toilet cabin can be used as an ordinary toilet cabin and as a toilet cabin with Glory Hole.


Game advice:
The cabin was dismantled into the components wall and door for use in the game the Sims 4, the cabin is functional.


The components of the toilet can be found in the construction and purchase menu under the following names:

  • 0-positiv - toilet cabin door "natural wood
  • 0-Positiv - Room divider for toilet cabins "natural wood
  • Squaring it Square - (Cabin wall with Glory Hole)

The components of the toilet cabin can be found in the construction and purchase menu in the following categories:

  • Building ➜ Doors ➜ short doors
  • Objects by room ➜ Bathroom ➜ Toilets


Building tip: Instructions for building the cabin

  1. activate the cheat bb.moveobjects
  2. place the cabin walls.Schritt+1.png
  3. place the toilet.Schritt+2.png
  4. build a wall to help mount the door.Schritt+3.png
  5. place the door so that the arrow points into the cabin.Schritt+4.png
  6. delete the wall via "right-click ➜ Remove wall". Schritt+5.png


Building Tip: How to build the cabin with Glory Hole


  1. activate the cheat bb.moveobjects
  2. place the cabin wall with Glory Hole.Kabine+mit+Glory+Hole+-+Schritt+1.png
  3. place Bakies invisible fenceKabine+mit+Glory+Hole+-+Schritt+2.png
  4. choose the invisible colour for Bakie's fence only after you have finished designing the room.Kabine+mit+Glory+Hole+-+Schritt+3.png


Installation note:
This mod needs more mods to use the Glory Hole animations.

The Custom Object Tuning included in this package carries the ID of the original tuning, the added lighting settings are also visible when using the "Square Squares" wardrobe.
This does not affect the function of the wardrobe.


Overview of the mods needed for the Glory Hole sex animations:




Damen WC Türen.png

Glory Hole in Nutzung 1.png

Glory Hole in Nutzung 2.png

Herren WC Türen.png

Kabine in Nutzung 1.png

WC Kabine.png


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I Updated all my mods today and my Sims couldn't use some Objects anymore. Whenever they wanted to use a shower, bathtube or a few other objects my sims complained about not being able to walk there.
after hours of loading the same save with diffrent files in my mod folder i tracked the problem down to this file.
it needs to be updated to work again.

to make this clear - fully reseted game without any mods or cc but this file will reproduce the behaviour as mentioned above


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