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LoversHVirus v01_01a_BETA Release

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Working with Gregathit and others, this was one Lovers MOD I targeted to try and improve on, while testing that functionality works with PK Rev96.


The archive contains multiple versions and tracks my progress through removing functionality I either didn't care for myself or from posts I read here on L.L. You will find the following separate folders/sub folders.


1. IceCold29&OriginalMerged - This is the original ESP and some of IceCold's original translation to English, with additional edits by moi (me, for those that don't read French).


2. NoMurderCounts - Base on above PLUS removed code reference from script that caused murder counts via CS (I hope, does need more testing).


3. NoMurderCountsNoIdleAnim - Based on above PLUS removes idle animation that kicks in at certain infection levels. I found it interfered at times with other animations/actions. Not in a major way, just enough to be annoying.


4. Final BETA - TES4Edit Cleaned - Same as above and cleaned of 2 ITMs. If you plan on using this or even better testing it this is the one I suggest you use.


Link: LoversHVirus v01_01a_BETA Release.7z (4shared)




During testing, and when engaging in sex acts, Assault counts occurred under some infected conditions with 'good' NPCs; guards, etc. I have been unable to determine the exact cause of this. BE WARNED!!! Best I can tell, this does not occur with 'bad' NPCs such as necromancers, bandits, etc.



After engaging one NPC in Bruma Castle, it initiated and cascaded an attack/sex orgy that went on for hours! I have a number of MODs loaded that adds extra NPCs to the game world, including Bruma Castle.


Description, Mini Tutorial/Walkthrough

LoversHVirus basically adds the chance to contract a sexually transmitted disease, which has adverse affects on the health and disposition of NPCs to your PC.


EDIT: Nov.13.2012

CM Partners and some other MODs that add NPCs (From 2ch Lives) are NOT killed by this MOD and I believe that is intentional for partners. May be linked to essential status of NPC also.


There are some options in the readme, but they have not been fully tested in-game. You can use the Set Variable via the console in-game and experiment, format is: set to See the readme for more details on what these do and valid values. (I don't think the readme is accurate in what the default settings are, based on reviewing the scripts.)










EDIT: Nov.13.2012


Setting to a value of 0 stops the modification of disposition of the engaged NPC. Take care with increasing this as it may be the cause of 'good' NPCs being attacked in towns by guards, as it seems to lower NPC disposition to 0.(See above Bruma Castle example)



This seems to increase the speed at which NPCs engaged with your PC will die. I imagine setting it to 0 will stop deaths all together. I don't recommend setting to a value of more than 100.



You will see a red mist effect when this triggers, and is either the NPC/PC getting infected, a level change to infection and/or the addition of the H Virus ingredient. Values of 0, 10 or 20 interrupted sex quite often. A value of 50+ less often. Max is I think 100, and is what is set via the scripts, although the read me states a default value of 0.



The best I can tell this only applies to those using the Thermae de la Tamriel MOD. I think valid values maybe 0 (default) and 1.


Upon first log-in after installing and activating the MOD you'll get some text telling you you have a new spell.







This spell allows you to check if you are infected with the H Virus, simple.







A pop-up tells you if you are infected and at what level.







This is sort of a big spoiler, so if you want to discover this through adventuring don't read it. (There is no quest line, pop-ups or map markers, so it will be rather hard to find it, unless you're lucky like that.)





Location of Additional Spells - Drakelowe





Anne Rhivus the H Witch







I'm not going to describe every menu or dialogue option but here are some screen captures.







In the end, if you select the right options you'll end up with more spells. Plus you can buy some stuff from her.







New Spells








Examples of an infection - You'll see a green glow effect around those with high-level infections or when you cast LHV Virus Detect.









Lastly there are a number of tie-ins with other MODs, but these are not required to play this MOD; NOT dependencies.









Thermae de la Tamriel

Original site

(No longer available for download there, just for review purposes.)

I also altered one script that adds a tie-in to the English version of Thermae, but I have yet to review or test any version of it including the original. That's next on my 'To-do List'.



;Thermes de la Tamriel Bar Master's Merch-Container
set refSpaMerchContainer to 0
if IsModLoaded "_kzs_thermae.esp" || IsModLoaded "__thermae.esp" || IsModLoaded "__thermae_EN.esp"
	if IsModLoaded "_kzs_thermae.esp"
		set refSpaMerchContainer to GetFormFromMod "_kzs_thermae.esp" 0093A8
		set refSpaMerchContainer to GetFormFromMod "__thermae.esp" 0093A8
		set refSpaMerchContainer to GetFormFromMod "__thermae_EN.esp" 0093A8
	PrintC "LoversHVirus::Spa Merchant Container is %n" refSpaMerchContainer








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5. Experimental BETA Release - Based on 4 above PLUS includes a separate ini file for setting, editing and controlling the variable values as stated in the read me file.


LoversHVirus v01_01a_BETA_EXPERIMENTAL.7z (4shared)


New ESP - Script scn kzsQuestLoversHVirusSCRIPT in the ESP file has been edited with the following:




; Read ini file
	if FileExists "Data\ini\LoversHVirus.ini"
		RunBatchScript "Data\ini\LoversHVirus.ini"
		PrintC "HVirus: Updated values from ini file in data\ini\."
	elseif FileExists "Data\LoversHVirus.ini"
		RunBatchScript "Data\LoversHVirus.ini"
		PrintC "HVirus: Updated values from ini file in data\."
		PrintC "HVirus: LoversHVirus.ini not found in data\ini or data folder. All options will be set to default or stored value."

PrintToConsole "LoversHVirus::ini Load Done. 1) iInfectPer(%g) iNotModDispo(%g) iNoDeath(%g) "  iInfectPer iNotModDispo iNoDeath
PrintToConsole "LoversHVirus::ini Load Done. 2)  iInterceptPer(%g) iNotSpa(%g) iInitLevelMax(%g)" iInterceptPer iNotSpa iInitLevelMax




What it does is call the ini file AFTER the initial processing and resets the variable values to what is in the readme file, then prints them to the console for review and verification.








If you review the variable settings as set by the original script (outlined in red in screen capture) they are not exactly what is stated in the read me file, and I'm not sure why that is.


There are also some additional variables that are not identified in the read me file. I'll provide more information on that as I discover exactly what they do. (I may even add those to the ini file if they are useful enough.)


Simply put this allows for further variable value experimentation for those wishing to do so via an ini file, instead of having to edit the ESP scripts using CS.

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Question, does this version (like with other versions) have that annoying feature where if two actors have sex and one or more of them are infected, sex will end abruptly before orgasm? That's happened to me before and is the main reason why I don't use HVirus.

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Question' date=' does this version (like with other versions) have that annoying feature where if two actors have sex and one or more of them are infected, sex will end abruptly before orgasm? That's happened to me before and is the main reason why I don't use HVirus.



Short answer, yes. This is part of my motivation to create the ini file, in an attempt to control that. I also don't particularly care for the interruption either.


I believe there are possibly two variables related to this interruption, and at least one may control or have a direct affect on when this interruption occurs; kzsQuestLoversHVirus.iNoDeath and kzsQuestLoversHVirus.iInterceptPer.


The new ini file forces the settings in-game to what is written in the read me file, where the script actually forces other values. You can review this in-game via the console.


The read me has the following for each:

iNoDeath - If you set a non-zero, will be at the time of death so as not to interrupt. (Default: 0)

So here I was experimenting with 1 as a value, since it says "a non-zero". But it could actually be 2, 3, or any other "non-zero" value.

iInterceptPer - How often to check for death determination process interruption H.

Makes it easier to suspend and and to increase death. (Default: 25)

Is returned to the value (25) default when you set the value of less than or equal to zero.

So here we don't want to enter a negative or 0 value. I have only tested it once with other values, and it is currently inconclusive as to what value would totally prevent any deaths.


Since the MOD author did not provide any details on valid values, everyone's guess is as good as mine. I think it can only be determined by experimentation of values and reviewing of resulting in-game functionality. Unless there is a way via further code review in CS to determine what they may be, that I have yet to discover and learn.

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