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Getting tattoos for Tolkien Race (MBP)


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I downloaded the trail photoshop version but it seems like dds plugins don't work with trail version because when I save forcefully file by adding .dd at the end the texture ended up missing something. My character had pink body indicating missing texture.

I edited KHELFbody.dds (MBP) found in


Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Textures\Characters\EpicElves\Body

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I have gimp2 which saves/opens dds files. I foudn that moonshadow elf texture has tattoos. I just moved it in my Textures\Characters\EpicElves\Body folder and the Tolkien Elf had tattoos. :)


The only thing I miss is that I don't know how to remove in gimp2 the tattoo on belly, breast and lower back. I could remove these tattoos in photoshop but I don't how to do it in gimp2.

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Thanks Uriel. :)

I tested the body and it looks just like I wanted. :)


I am going to permanently replace the body textures after the goblins from Blood Hand tribe capture my player. I assume your bloody hand mark works perfectly fine with the newest PlayerSlaveEncounters v5.01?

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Yep, i still have that texture on my mediafire, it was just set to private along with other files. Mediafire gave me a warning for storing mods with suspicious names on my account, so i just marked everything private cept some safe files, and obviously forgot about the texture.

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