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[REQ] Freaky Potions


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I am either looking for someone to help me learn how to do this or to do it for me. I am not skilled at modding but I can learn.

I am looking for someone to craft a Potion of Cum. Or something named similar. It would fit with some of the mods out there.

A few ideas for how it works:

1)The more of them you drink, the messier your get.

2) Was thinking of using the potion of blood and changing the colors of the bottle.

3) Gives +HP and maybe a negative effect.

Would love some feedback on this.

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It's quite an "easy" job anyway but it is hard to give you directions without knowing what you already know.


* Basically, open the creation kit (look for it on Steam), open Master.esm, look at the blood potion you want. Try to rename it, click yes, a new one will be created. Save, a new mod will be created. Double-click it: it will be puzzling at first but you will eventually figure out by yourself what effects are and how add your own ones instead. Stage 1 complete, the item is ready and can be added through the console.

* Then look for the "Vendor***" FormLists and drag-drop your new potion into the ones you want (right-click them and select "use info" to see which vendors are using each list). Stage 2 complete, your item is now into the world.

* You need BSAOpt to unpack the BSA archives and extract the meshes and textures for the blood potion. Open the mesh (.nif) into NifSkope, another puzzling thing at first. Browse the nodes and look for colors and textures paths, change what needs to be changed. Stage3 complete, your item now has the look you want.

* Enjoy.

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