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Bisquits Real High Heels: GUTS conversion

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This is my first mod ever so there might be some flaws, so please understand :)


I converted the stockings and laced heels to fit the legs of the GUTS model. I personally find the 'thunder thighs' of the GUTS model pretty hot, but there are very little sexy mods available for it.


You need the original Bisquits Real High Heels mod, the vipcxj real high heels mod, and the GUTS body (I recommend getting gerra6's SetBodyReloaded mod: http://www.loverslab.com/showthread.php?tid=10966).


I also changed the heels I modified to be the higher-heeled 2H model - if that just doesn't do it for you and want the lower-heeled one let me know and I can come up with that as well. You might need to cast the ChangeHeightToSelf spell to elevate yourself (part of the vipxcj real high heels mod).


Special thanks to happysparkles and gerra6 for helping a noob modder! :)


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