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Fallout 3 crashing upon launch up


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New install, patched up, go to play and I see the usual 'standby' screen then bam, game crashes on me. W764Bit, GTX465's. I've been searching for hours as to what the issue is but I can't find it. Tried a different dll file, tried the fallout.ini edits for CPUs (i7) and I've tried removing the fallout cfg from the main directory. None of these worked. I have a feeling I had this issue before (a long time ago) but I don't know how I fixed it. It's absolutely doing my head in. Heeelpppp

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Sounds like you're missing an esm or dependency, or have something in the wrong load order. Get FO3Edit and run it, it'll tell you what's missing or in the wrong place. Only gives one error at a time, so you've gotta fix the problem, run edit again, and repeat until it loads clean.

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Well that's what I thought but there isn't/wasn't much to get wrong in the load order as it's a new install. Did edit anyways, and bossed, no difference. Going to try reinstalling and seeing if that makes any difference. Cheers.

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