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Unmovable npcs


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Hi - Just a quick question about oblivion animations. I couldnt find solution to this anywhere so either not possible or i suck at keywords.


So is it possible to make an npc completely unmovable? I am fooling aorund with idle animations and its annoying that they can be pushed around :s


Any help is appreciated.

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It is not possible at this time (and may never be) to completely freeze an NPC.


Via pose mods you can freeze them for a time but I have yet to see one that does so forever. You can try turning off their collision boxes (that is where the pushing\moving is coming from) but they may just fall right through the floor with it (never tried it on NPC's myself).

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You can select a NPC and type it to disable just that NPC or select no one and type it to disable that entire cell.


Disable removes them from the game' date=' so I don't think that was what he was looking for.



Yeah, i just want to make them nailed to the ground. But i guess i will just try to avoid running into the animated npcs :P

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Hey guys, i thought i share the solution i worked out to this in case any1 looking for something similar, its really just an amateur stuff but it works.


Just put down an xmarker/xmarkerheading, add a reference to it and put a short script on the npc like:


ScriptName aaaSCRTestMarker

begin GameMode

aaaNPCRef.MoveTo aaaTestMarker



And bang, no more pushing around.

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