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High Heel Footsteps only for High Heels 1.0

About This File

I have found a footstep sound replacer that replaces the players footstep sounds with ones that sound like high heels.


The problem with this is that you sound like you're wearing stilettos even when you're barefoot.



I made an esm-ified esp that adds a new FootstepSet in CK that can be selected in the ArmorAddon of the heels, so only the heels actually sound like heels.




1.: Download this.

2.: Open the archive you just downloaded and rename sound/fx/fst/player to sound/fx/fst/heels

3.: Drop the contents of the archive into your Data folder.

4.: Download my archive and drop its contents into your data folder, activate the esp.


Loadorder should be above any high heels.


How to use it


1.: Open CK, load HighHeelFootsteps.esp and your heels' esp. Set your heels' esp as Active File.

2.: In the ArmorAddon category, find your heels and doubleclick them

3.: Change the Footstep from whatever it was before to DefaultFootstepHeelsSet with the dropdown menu.

4.: Click OK.

5.: Save and exit.

6.: ???

7.: Profit.

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