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CostumeCustomizer Mod for DOAXVV

What it Does

This mod allows you to mix-and-match portions of suits that have been provided by the CostumeCustomizer mod-packs you've included. It replaces the Takao R and the Dewa SR suit. It uses a 2D overlay menu to customize your outfit to your liking. Note, this mod only provides the framework and the menu, all costumes are provided by CostumeCustomizer_ModPacks. Note - Manual Install/Update procedure has been changed for v2.0+, please see updates below.


Topic thread can be found: 



Replaced Suits:


R suit Takao (pictured on left) and SR suit Dewa (pictured on right)


Venus Vacation Mod Manager Installation

Download vvmm_CostumeCustomizer_v#.#.#.zip into your _zips folder and use Mod Manager to install it.



Manual Installation

Step 1:

Follow the 3DMigoto mod set-up for DOAXVV if you haven't already. Note: Make sure your DOAXVV Game directory is in a path only including simple english characters (printable ASCII meaning, A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and the standard allowable special characters for paths) if this isn't the case, you'll have problems with both 3DMigoto and CostumeCustomizer.



Step 2:

Update the d3dx.ini from the 3DMigoto base mod v1.8 using the latest version from here. (Alternatively check the notes below regarding the bare-minimum required modifications to the d3dx.ini). As of CostumeCustomizer v1.3.2 w/ the DOAXVV base mod v1.9+, no changes are neccessary to the d3dx.ini to enable the full usage of the CostumeCustomizer mod.



ONLY PERFORM THESE IF USING CostumeCustomizer prior to version 1.3.2


Manual d3dx.ini modifications if you don't to replace your d3dx.ini

1. Open d3dx.ini at the root of the DOAX-VenusVacation folder.

2. Search for: [CommandListClothes]

3. Add the following on a new line immediately under the section header: w7=1






4. Search for: [CommandListSkin]

5. Add the following on a new line immediately under the section header: w7=2

6. Search for: [CommandListFingernailsEyes]

7. Add the following on a new line immediately under the section header: w7=3

8. Search for: [CommandListHair]

9. Add the following on a new line immediately under the section header: w7=4

10. Search for: [CommandListShadowMap]

11. Add the following on a new line immediately under the section header: w7=5

12. Add support for replacing the mesh of Finernails by ensuring the following orange color text is added in the [CommandListFingernailsEyes] section.


; Dump out eye & fingernail textures:
dump = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes ps-t0 mono dds
dump = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes ps-t1 mono dds
; Dump out fingernail & eye mesh & pose:
analyse_options = deferred_ctx_accurate share_dupes dump_vb txt buf
dump = deferred_ctx_accurate vs-cb2 txt buf
if z
    ; Enable fingernail texture replacements:
    checktextureoverride = ps-t0
    ; Enable mesh replacement
    checktextureoverride = vb0
    checktextureoverride = ib



13. Save the d3dx.ini


Step 3:

Disable/Delete any other mods that replace the replaced suit (such as my original ReplaceBlackPareo_wNudeStraps mod).


Step 4:

Download the latest CostumeCustomizer mod: 


Step 5:

Extract the CostumeCustomizer_v#.#.zip into your root DOAX-VenusVacation game folder.


Verification: After extraction, you should have the following ini file correctly located:




   Old Version between v1.0 - v1.8

    Extract CostumeCustomizer_PATCH_v#.# (for v1.0-v1.8).zip into your root DOAX-VenusVacation game folder and overwrite. (Patches include everything but the 01-24 Slot folders to not touch your currently installed ModPacks)

   Old Version v1.9 or Higher

    Extract CostumeCustomizer_PATCH_v#.# (for v1.9+).zip into your root DOAX-VenusVacation game folder and overwrite. (Patches include everything but the 01-96 Slot folders to not touch your currently installed ModPacks)


Step 6 (New as of v2.0😞

Navigate into the Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer folder and execute update.bat.


Step 7:

Download one of the available skin texture sets originally designed for the Square Bikini Nude mod. (Example: HI-METAL's V3 release)


Some of the compatibile skin textures:




Step 8:

Install Mod Packs



Mod Pack Installation

I plan to develop a quick Mod Management and User Preset generation in the future, for now here are the manual installation instructions for mod packs.


Step 1:

Download your desired mod packs from this topic.

Example: CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0.zip


Step 2:

Extract your mod pack into the CostumeCustomizer folder, such that they reside as follows:

Example: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0


Check that you have the following ini files correctly located:





Step 3:

Disable or delete an unused ModPack slot.

CostumeCustomizer currently supports 96 mod pack slots designated by folders 01 - 96.


Example: Delete unused mod slot folder 01


Step 4:

Rename ModPack to fill in the recently disabled/deleted mod slot



Before: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/CostumeCustomizer_NudeStrapsSet1_v1.0

After: DOAX-VenusVaction/Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer/01


Step 5 (New as of v2.0):

Navigate into the Mods/Costumes/CostumeCustomizer folder and execute update.bat.


Step 6:

Start the game, or reload mods if already running using F10.







What's New in Version 2.1



Added support for Nanami. Increase supported Mod-Pack count to 240 (10 pages).



Added support for Lobelia (Marie-Rose body type).



Updated hashes for Sayuri. Added BACKSPACE alternative key combination for Preset page to be more international keyboard friendly.



Fixed fresh manual install package to properly be up to date with the other installation methods. Corrected an issue with INI re-generation for custom skins w/ default meshes.



Fixed custom tanning and enabled custom tan textures while using default CC body meshes.



Fixed custom body texture resource handling.



Fixed update.bat script to support paths with spaces.



Added support to differentiate between Takao and Dewa to allow 2 different customizations between the 2 suits per body type. Refactored to ref copies across the board. Including update.bat to launch CCModPackUpdater to regenerate all existing Mod-Pack INI logic to be compatible.



Added support for Tsukushi. Adopted updated groin meshes for Honoka and Common body models prepared by IceTree5.



Fixed base nude mesh exports for Common and Honoka for pubic UV mapping seam.



Fixed update.bat to handle wider range of paths including the default Steam install location.



Added support for Patty, MM integration. Includes embedded update.bat that will create missing Mod-Pack folders for now, however will be used more extensively in the future to regenerate mod-pack INIs.



Cleaned up the newer common model. Corrected loading of mod-packs 12-15.



Updated shared body mesh to modified (Hi-Res UV/mesh implmented) "clean" common mesh and weight-paint. The UV mapping, Weight paint and Normals at the body seams have been adjusted to match all previously generated mod-packs. A new blender mesh will be available shortly (CommonWeights_v3.blend) that incorporates the corrections to the body mesh and weight paint, until then you can rely on the Common.vb/ib in the shared folder for the updated body weights.



Removed dependency on exported default ps-cb2 buffers and now cache the current ones in-game to avoid issues with the Fresnel settings changing when the game updates.



Fixed an issue with saving the selected preset.



Increased Mod-Pack Slot count from 24 to 96. Increased maximum number of options available to set from 12 to 20. Fixed shadows on extremity clothing. Deconflicted menu when trying to use it with multiple body-types currently on screen wearing Takao/Dewa suits.



Added support for Sayuri skin overriding. PS1/PS2 textures are now have default textures in case they not overridden.



Added support for Monica skin overriding. Corrected keybindings for Option 11/12 to use -/+ on the number row rather than NUMPAD to match the other keybindings.



Added "official" support for Kanna skin overriding. Also switched custom shaders to ShaderRegex usage to avoid an issue with shadows not affecting the alpha-enabled clothing (couldn't figure out why exactly)? Technically since the ShaderRegex is a global mod, now normal costume mods can merge the suit-dependent portions of the ps-cb2 buffer by overriding the ps-cb12 buffer.



The bug causing accessories, gloves, and shoes to not properly display on multiple characters on-screen at the same time has been corrected.



Added support for custom Tan and Skin Textures for each Body replacement. Added support for custom ps-cb2 (Default Constant Buffer). The ps-cb2 includes parameters including Color Modifications for quick re-colors, Specular Color and Fresnel settings. Not quite sure exactly how each parameter comes into play, so these settings are somewhat experimental, however the identified dynamic values are maintained and merged with the custom defined ps-cb2 buffer. Custom shaders are now used and in order to properly replace the correct ones, CostumeCustomizer includes ShaderOverrides that replace the ones found in the d3dx.ini (rather than another set of manual modification) however they still utilize CommandListClothes which should maintain any functionality provided by the d3dx.ini. Backwards maintainability is still maintained with older Mod-Packs.



Added support for maintaining the costume settings between play sessions. Also some logic cleanup. Technically the "..._Default.ini" are no longer needed, but in order to make it easier, they are still included but empty. To be sure, use F10 to save the costume settings in-case the game crashes later for whatever reason.



Updated mod framework to leverage new variables provided by the v1.9 base mod so d3dx.ini modifications are no longer needed and updated usage of any deprecated interfaces (Help Text shader usage).



Repacked mod so the folder locations are pre-lined up. The mod framework or patch should now be extracted into the root of the DOAXVV game folder (merge the contents of the included "Mods" folder into your existing "Mods" folder). The patch is the same thing w/o the 01-24 numbered empty mod-packs so your installed mod-packs are not overwritten.



Updated menu to new menu graphics provided by @IceTree5. IceTree5 also provided templates for making similarly styled Icon and Preview graphics. Split Chest body mesh into 2. Still backwards compatible with the old full chest body mesh, however the default is split for a groin mesh and breast mesh. A panty category mod can still assign a chest body mesh (for example if its a one-piece suit) which will override the current bra's body mesh. Body-template blender files have been updated with the new separated chest mesh. Also fixed a bug where the option selections could still occur even if the menu wasn't currently displayed.

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